Monthly Archives: August 2014

Leaders should always be a few steps ahead of their team

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my 30 years as a business owner and consultant, is the importance of good leadership … in all areas.  Maintaining focus, a cool and calm demeanor and thinking about 10 minutes ahead of my staff is an everyday practice for me, and serves us all well.

Our industry is not necessarily unique, but I do think we have a very detailed profession and there are so many important pieces to every meal, every event, every new restaurant concept and every day.  Thinking ahead enables us to stay on target and also helps us circumvent any potential “disasters du jour”. I am grateful when I come across a small detail that was left behind but which we can now adjust because we are ahead of the game.

Mental lists give way to written and typed lists and all of it works to keep us organized.  Back in the day … my little scraps of paper were everywhere, but they worked.  Today my notes are digital and follow me wherever I go.  Neatly organized on my laptop and synched to my phone where I can disseminate almost any kind of info with a few swipes and pecks.

I feel lucky to have the benefits of technology but my brain still really gets a good workout. Today it’s rest and relaxation, time to shore up the energy reserves and gear up for the week ahead.