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"It's a pleasure working with someone who knows the industry so well, and who has the connections and resources that we have needed to build our business. From IT and web marketing, to the latest food trends and presentations, Jody and her associates have contributed to the growth of our company by sharing their expertise, knowledge and strategic thinking. It’s a great feeling to know that we are always moving forward, and in the right direction."

- Sam Gray

"It is a great comfort knowing that I can depend upon the advice and shoulder of someone who has truly walked in my shoes. In a short time, Jody has demonstrated her keen understanding of the dynamics and challenges of building a strong team for the long run."

- Gerty Leong

"Just to let you know, my phone has not stopped ringing this week. My website is drawing visitors like flies. I put the site up before I started the business and now I am reaping the benefits, getting prospects and contacts. Thanks again for the great class. I signed up two food broker/distributors this week and have demos on the North Shore all weekend. I am also booked all next weekend. Your class is number one in my book."

- Peter V. Bella

"Jody is 'the queen' when it comes to helping business owners find clarity in their day to day operations. Her ability to lead, inspire and support the team at every level, truly adds to the bottom line. Jody is an asset to any business looking to maximize efficiency and enhance communication. Her innovative and current methods of marketing are top of the line."

- Brenda Hickey

Full Service – Quick Service – Fast Casual - Food Trucks

You shouldn't do it without consulting our team of restaurant consultants. We know the industry standards and can help you from concept right through to opening day and beyond.

Before you take the leap, give us a call. We offer a complimentary session of brainstorming and an exchange of information. We are an experienced and talented team of professionals with a vast array of resources. We want you to succeed.

After our initial meeting we usually recommend a feasibility study. The study will analyze the viability of your concept, compare appropriate demographics and include a financial section with projected revenues and a preopening budget.

When you've decided to leap, we've got you covered. Our expertise covers all aspects of a pre-opening timeline. We can work with you, or on your behalf. We can manage your projects or consult as you move through the process. Here’s a taste of what we offer:

  • concept development
  • site selection
  • blueprints & build-outs
  • kitchen design & equipment
  • restaurant design
  • menu development
  • cost controls
  • vendor selection
  • branding & marketing
  • hiring & training

The right combination of a good lease, lots of hard work, and building a "lean" kitchen in the right size space; blended with a solid and well thought-out business model, the proper training, accountability and aggressive marketing, can make your concept a profitable reality. Click here to get started


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