Chicago Restaurant Consultant

  • Learn from experts who share many years of hands-on “in your shoes” experience.
  • Increase efficiencies in all aspects of your business.
  • Reduce expense with technology & outsourcing.
  • Build your brand with the most up to date and powerful marketing techniques.
  • Improve communication within your organization.
  • Discover new ways to develop, sell and execute your menus.
  • Reduce food & labor costs by documenting Standard Operating Procedures
  • Strengthen your knowledge of your businesses profit centers.
  • Establish clearly defined and measurable financial goals.
  • Open the door to new revenue streams.


Jody BirnbaumCaterconsult, Inc. provides affordable Catering & Restaurant Consulting Services to the Foodservice Industry. We help Restaurants & Caterers operate more efficiently and profitably by providing core strategies, resources, training and support.

Jody Birnbaum, the president and founder of Caterconsult, Inc. is herself a "survivor" of twenty plus years as a catering business owner. As a fellow entrepreneur with a shared sense of risk and adventure, she knows how challenging it can be to keep a business strong and healthy for the long run.

  • Consulting is simple and more affordable than you might think. There are no agreements to sign and no big commitments to make.
  • We'll start with a quick phone call and exchange some basic information.
  • Next we’ll set up a complimentary meeting, (or phone session if you are outside the Chicago area), to determine your needs and discuss how our team of professionals can help.
  • We will then put together a proposal of services based upon your specific needs.
  • Hourly and “per project” rates are available.

Collaborative effort, experience and tools of the trade are powerful allies when combined with your own gut instincts about your business.

If you'd like to have a trusted advisor and mentor who will understand your vision and deliver results, contact us, and together we’ll map out a strategy for success.


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